LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments

LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments is the manufacturer, supplier and distributor of OMNICOLL fraction collectors and LAMBDA peristaltic pumps for liquid chromatography (μL to L) and automated liquid handling processes.
Contact e-mail address and phone number to reach us for queries:

LAMBDA Instruments GmbH

Schochenmühlestrasse 2
CH-6340 Baar

Phone: +41 444 50 20 71

LAMBDA CZ s.r.o.

Lozibky 1
CZ-61400 Brno
Czech Republic - EU

Hotline: +420 603 970 653

LAMBDA Yellow Service

Contact for quotation, prices or technical information

To request quotation, cost of fraction collector, cost of customized multi-channel fraction collection options or technical advices, please contact us at or reach us by phone.

We are ready to respond constructively to ideas, proposals or innovative products, you may wish to share with us.