LAMBDA OMNICOLL Fraction Collector and Auto-Sampler 

Almost unlimited flexibility
– LAMBDA OMNICOLL fraction collector & autosampler opens new possibilities in automated liquid handling and simultaneous multi-stream sampling.

The fraction collector LAMBDA OMNICOLL for liquid chromatography has the unique advantage of fractionating the eluate of up to 64 different chromatography columns simultaneously. The number of streams of the multichannel fraction collector can be customized according to the application.

Automated fraction collector OMNICOLL for liquid chromatography

Sample volume / fraction size

Any fraction size can be collected from the liquid chromatography column with LAMBDA OMNICOLL fraction collector and autosampler. It can handle nearly all kinds of sampling tubes and laboratory sampling racks or recipients (drops to liters) available on the market:

  • Microwell plates e.g. 96-well plates
  • Micro tubes, eppendorf tubes, titer tubes, test tubes
  • Scintillation vials
  • Beakers, bottles, flasks
  • LAMBDA standard 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm and 30 mm tube racks
  • Larger volume recipients e.g. 250 ml bottles

Therefore, no special sampling tubes or test tube racks are needed to collect the fractions. Spillage between the fractions are eliminated by the communication module (Art. No. 6911) which switches off the LAMBDA peristaltic pump or other (third party) multichannel peristaltic pump between two fractions.

Collection capacity

  • Collection capacity of the fraction collector can be increased indefinitely to collect a larger number of samples
  • Several lower supports could be combined together to increase the fraction collecting capacity of the single channel and multichannel fraction collector (i.e. number of fractions per stream can be increased)

Examples of specially customized fraction collector to increase the number of fractions collected could be found at https://www.fractioncollector.info/increased-capacity/

Safe handling

  • The highest safety for the user has been attained by supplying fraction collector OMNICOLL with low voltage current (9 V / 12 W).
  • Only the liquid conducting tubing (i.e. sampling tubing) moves, instead of the recipient tubes, which in-turn requires much less energy and allows the fraction collector to be miniaturized.
  • All the electronic and mechanical components have been placed above the fractions, therefore, no danger of spilling and the lower part of the collector, for example: can be placed into a thermo-stabilized container or water bath, to maintain the heat-sensitive samples at low temperatures during sample handling.
  • Solid metal construction makes OMNICOLL insensitive to solvents and easy to clean/disinfect the external surfaces of the instrument. Thus, the fraction collector and autosampler could be used under sterile conditions.
  • The supplied plastic fixing mat helps to keep the desired racks or recipients in position, on the collecting surface of the fraction collector.

Programming and operation of fraction collector

  • Modern microprocessor system using several optical sensors, which register stop signals and time based or volume based fraction collection
  • Pauses (from 0.1 to 999.9 min and 1 to 9999 min, almost 7 days) can be programmed between fractions. Hence, OMNICOLL can be used for taking samples (single or multiples). 
    The pause function can be used also for an automatic startup of the fraction collection. Washing of tubing between samples is possible, as the number of fractions in a series can be chosen.
  • Fraction collection in lines, row or meander-like (zig zag)
  • An auto stop function switches off the collector and the fractionation after a selected rack or at the end of the range

Remote control, RS-interface and other parameter controls

  • Remote control allows sampling after reception of an external signal (parameter controlled auto sampling, such as an alarm, TTL, etc.).
  • OMNICOLL can be equipped with drop counter (1-9999 and 60-599940), inert valve, RS-232 for PC control and other accessories (optional)
  • With the remote control option, it is possible to obtain important samples during long continuous processes and even in the absence of laboratory personnel.

OMNICOLL + Laboratory peristaltic pumps = Autosampler

  • Using peristaltic pumps with OMNICOLL can be used for automatic sampling at regular time intervals during fermentation and other biological or chemical processes. 
  • OMNICOLL automatic liquid sampler can be combined with LAMBDA peristaltic pumps or any third party multichannel peristaltic pump (if it can be controlled remotely by analog signals) on the market.
  • Peristaltic pump flow-stop function during the change from one fraction to the next and at the end of the run

Short on bench space?

  • OMNICOLL can be easily dissembled and requires only a small storage space
  • The lower part of the fraction collector can be used for carrying or storage of fractions

Price, delivery and maintenance

  • For fast delivery, we have the OMNICOLL fraction collector and autosampler in stock
  • Based on the desired configuration, the OMNICOLL fraction collector will be put together, undergo quality check and tests followed by dispatch.
  • LAMBDA offers OMNICOLL fraction collector at a competitive price to performance ratio
  • Practically, no service required
  • LAMBDA YELLOW SERVICE offers a full maintenance and support program