Fraction collector

Here, you can find the frequently asked questions about OMNICOLL fraction collector and autosampler.

Replacement of LKB Superfrac

FAQ about replacing LKB superfrac (no longer available in the market) with OMNICOLL automated fraction collector and sampler.

Multi-stream customization

FAQ regarding customization possibilities of multi-stream fraction collection for simultaneous experiments.

Pump controlled fraction collection

FAQ about LAMBDA peristaltic pump or third-party multi-channel pump controlled fraction collection.

TTL signal based fraction collection

FAQ regarding the customization of TTL signal based fraction collection in OMNICOLL.

Liquid flow rate & tubing diameter

FAQ about liquid flow, flow rate handled by fraction collector and fractionation tubing diameter.

Material of construction

FAQ about materials of construction of OMNICOLL automated fraction collector.

Fraction collection recipients

FAQ regarding types of recipients used and large volume fraction collection customization in OMNICOLL.

Cold room compatibility

FAQ about compatibility of  OMNICOLL fraction collector in handling fractions inside cold room.

Integrating fraction collector with bioreactor

FAQ about integrating OMNICOLL fraction collector with third-party fermentor/bioreactor.