Multi-channel fraction collector OMNICOLL

Multichannel fraction collection

Customize the number of streams

Multichannel fraction collection assembly is available from 2 up to 20 simultaneous streams, based on the liquid chromatography or automated liquid dispensing requirements.

LAMBDA OMNICOLL's customizable fraction collection assembly is not outperformed by any other fraction collector on the market!

Examples of customized mulichannel fraction collection:

The examples show a short selection of project specific, custom-made multichannel configuration of LAMBDA OMNICOLL fraction collectors:

OMNICOLL SINGLE STREAM Fraction Collector with PRECIFLOW peristaltic pump

The basic unit: OMNICOLL for single channel fraction collection
with one LAMBDA peristatlic pump (optional) for sampling

Customized OMNICOLL fraction collector and auto-sampler to collect the samples into 96 well plates from fermentor

OMNICOLL 2-channel fraction collector with
two LAMBDA pumps for 96-well plates

1x3 mobile multichannel configuration with 96-well plates

Automated OMNICOLL fraction collector for chromatography
with simultaneous 3-streams collection into 96-well plates
(The pipe guides are adjustable)


OMNICOLL multi-stream for 4 free flowing streams
in 50 ml Nalgene plastic tubes with covers
(The pipe guides are adjustable)

OMNICOLL fraction collector with simultaneous 4x streams into 96 well plate

Customized OMNICOLL 4-channel collector for
to collect 4 streams on 96-well plates
(The fraction arm is fixed)


Automatic OMNICOLL 6-channel liquid dispenser
to collect 6 different reagents on 10 ml test tubes 
(The pipe guides are adjustable)

1x6 mobile multichannel configuration into 96-well plates

OMNICOLL 6-channel with third-party multichannel pump
for 6 simultaneous streams (1x6) on 96-well plates
(The pipe guides are adjustable)


OMNICOLL 12-channel (2 x 6 streams)
in 250 ml glass bottles
as recipient for the fractions
(Fixed assembly to fractionate 12 simultaneous experiments)


OMNICOLL 12-channel (1 x 12 free streams)
(Fixed assembly for simultaneous collection of fractions from 12 chromatography columns)

OMNICOLL fraction collectorsampler, programmable with accessory for fixed multi-stream collection of 2x 10 simultaneous streams into 20 mm tube racks

OMNICOLL 20-channel configuration for
2 x 10 simultaneous experiments
(Fixed assembly)

Large volume fraction collection

LAMBDA OMNICOLL's assembly with customizable options for your large volume fraction collection is unique in the laboratory instrument market!

In case of pilot plants or industrial chromatographic application, bottom support plate can be removed to have any recipient, even very large bottles or containers for large volume fraction collection.

It is possible to fix a tubing with larger diameter on the tubing holder of OMNICOLL fraction collector and sampler (e.g. by a cable tie or cable wrap).

Special bottom support plate with funnels fitted with tubes, could also be used, for example, in collecting 50 litre fractions.

Excellent choice for field applications, as LAMBDA OMNICOLL multichannel fraction collectors for large volumes can be operated with battery.