Overview of OMNICOLL Fraction Collector accessories

Properties of single and multi stream fraction collection

LAMBDA OMNICOLL fraction collector

Overview of the LAMBDA OMNICOLL single-stream and multi-stream fraction collection set-up with optional accessories offers the possibility to conveniently adapt and configure the fraction collector according to the desired experiment or application.

Single stream fraction collector and sampler

No. of simultaneous streams: 1

Type of recipient: Micro-well plates, 96-well plates, micro tubes, eppendorf tubes, titer tubes, test tubes, scintillation vials, LAMBDA standard racks for 10 ml - 50 ml tubes, beakers, bottles, flasks, etc.

Tubing size: Any tubing diameter

Total number of fractions: Unlimited

Free flow

Peristaltic pump controlled flow

LAMBDA Peristaltic pumps: Communication module for pump switching and RS-232 connection [Art. no.: 6911], Pump remote control cable (5 poles) [Art. no.: 4810-s]

Other peristaltic pumps: Pump remote control cable analog (2 poles, open end) [Art. no.: 6914] or pump remote cable customization according to the pump (e.g.: Remote control cable for ISMATEC multi-channel pump (15 pin connector))

Drop counter

PC control: Communication module for pump switching and RS-232 connection [Art. no.: 6911], RS-232 connection cable [Art. no.: 6926]

TTL signal based control

Pauses between fractions: Program 0.1 to 999.9 minutes or 1 to 9999 minutes (almost 7 days) of pauses between fractions

Cold room / cooling option for heat sensitive samples: place in the cold room, cold bath, ice bath or any other thermo-stabilized container

Dimension: 34 (W) x 30 (H) x 49 (D) cm

Sterile handling: Fume hood / laminar hood, clean room

Power supply: Fraction collector, OMNICOLL uses only 9V DC and it is perfectly safe to use in laboratory (plug types: EU, US, UK, AUS)

Contact us at support@lambda-instruments.com, to get the price of the fraction collector OMNICOLL, request quotation or to configure the fraction collector and automatic sampler according to your desired application.