LAMBDA OMNICOLL fraction collector & auto-sampler 

OMNICOLL fraction collector and autosampler for all types of chromatographic techniques such as normal or low pressure chromatography (LPLC), medium pressure chromatography (MPLC), fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) or high pressure or high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), ion chromatography (IC), multicolumn countercurrent solvent gradient purification (MCSGP) and automatic liquid handling or liquid dispensing during cell culture, fermentations, chemical reactions, etc.

Multi-stream Collection

OMNICOLL fraction collector sampler, programmable with accessory for fixed multi-stream collection of 2x 10 simultaneous streams into 20 mm tube racksAllows the possibility to collect single and multi-streams of more than 20 streams or fractions simultaneously.

Extended Capacity

Extended 30 mm tube rack capacity 3 times (= 288 fractions)Several lower support units easily coupled together to increase the number of tube racks or recipients.

Customization Possibilities

Fraction-collection-in-microtitre-plates-by-OMNICOLL-fraction-collector-and-auto-samplerIncredibly versatile sampling into microtitre plates, 96-well plates, large capacity bottles or containers.

Modular OMNICOLL fraction collector and sampler offers: