LAMBDA OMNICOLL fraction collector & auto-sampler 

The basic fraction collector is available as a single-stream version. The modularity of the device allows the extension for collecting simultaneous multiple streams, such as simultaneous fraction collection from several columns in column chromatography.

Connected with LAMBDA laboratory peristaltic pumps or a third-party multi-channel pump, LAMBDA OMNICOLL is also used as an auto-sampler for taking samples from one or more streams as well as for filling open recipients.


Modular fraction-collector LAMBDA OMNICOLL


What does a modular LAMBDA OMNICOLL fraction collector & auto-sampler offer?

  • Safe handling:
    Spill-protected, resistant to solvents & easy to clean, can be placed into a thermo-stabilized container or water bath
  • Unlimited sample/fraction volumes:
    Microtitre plates, test tubes, larger volume bottles, beakers, flasks, ...
  • Specific collection modes and remote controls:
    Time controlled / Volume controlled / Drop count based fraction collection / liquid sampling.
  • Free flow, pump- or PC-controlled fraction collection:
    Pump-controlled fraction collection

Sample volume / fraction volume (recipients)

LAMBDA OMNICOLL for all kind of recipients for samples and fraction collection

Incredibly versatile sampling into microtitre plates, 96-well plates, large capacity bottles or containers.

Extended Capacity

Autosamper with two extensions

Several lower support units easily coupled together to increase the number of tube racks or recipients.

Multi-stream Collection

LAMBDA OMNICOLL multi-stream fraction collector

Allows the possibility to collect  multi-streams up to 64 streams or fractions simultaneously!

Single-stream Collection

LAMBDA OMNICOLL single-stream fraction collector

Allows to collect single streams  or sample a single stream into recipients of your own choice.