Applications of OMNICOLL fraction collector and autosampler


Modular fraction collectors can be used for various liquid chromatography (LC) and automated liquid techniques.

Many applications are described by biochemists, chemists and other users in R&D: see the collection of publications, please.
A short selection of applications of  fraction collectors & auto-samplers with more background, you will find below:


Omnicoll fraction collector for isolation of allelopathic chemicals from crude extracts

Isolation, purification and characterization of allelopathic compounds

Isolation and characterization of allelopathic compounds by column chromatography and fraction collector LAMBDA OMNICOLL Isolation, structural elucidation and chemical synthesis of allelopathic compounds from plants, fungi, and other microorganisms are a very labor-exhausting and time-consuming studies. However, the identification of highly potent biological structures (used as natural herbicides, medicaments, antioxidants, etc.) is worth the time […]

LAMBDA OMNICOLL fraction collector and LAMBDA peristaltic pumps for protein purification by concentration gradient elution

Successful Protein Purification: Gradient elution

Protein purification: Liquid chromatography & gradient elution with OMNICOLL fraction collector and LAMBDA peristaltic pumps For protein purification and isolation of peptides, nucleic acids or small molecules from the crude mixture of fermentation broth, liquid column chromatography (LC) is widely used with ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, affinity or size exclusion in downstream processing (DSP).In order to optimize […]

LAMBDA OMNICOLL fraction collectors are used for all types of chromatographic techniques such as normal or low pressure chromatography (LPLC), medium pressure chromatography (MPLC), fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) or high pressure or high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), ion chromatography (IC), multicolumn countercurrent solvent gradient purification (MCSGP) and automatic liquid handling or liquid dispensing during cell culture, fermentations, chemical reactions, etc.

Connected with pumps, LAMBDA OMNICOLL units are also used as auto-samplers for the automatic sampling of water or probes during chemical and biochemical processes.