The modular OMNICOLL fraction collector can be used for various liquid chromatography (LC) and automated liquid techniques.

OMNICOLL automated fraction collector can collect fractions / samples from multiple chromatography, a simultaneous fraction collection of up to 20 column fractions. It can be used together with LAMBDA lab peristaltic pumps or any third-party multichannel peristaltic pumps.

Few application examples of OMNICOLL fraction collector and autosampler:

LAMBDA OMNICOLL fraction collector and LAMBDA peristaltic pumps for protein purification by concentration gradient elution

Successful Protein Purification: Gradient elution

Protein purification: Liquid chromatography & gradient elution with OMNICOLL fraction collector and LAMBDA peristaltic pumps For protein purification and isolation of peptides, nucleic acids or small molecules from the crude mixture of fermentation broth, liquid column chromatography (LC) is widely used with ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, affinity or size exclusion in downstream processing (DSP).In order to optimize […]

Islets perifusion with automated fraction collector Omnicoll into 96-well plates

Islets perifusion with automated fraction collector

Islets perifusion with an automated multi-channel fraction collector OMNICOLL Pancreatic islets are thought to play a key role in the pathophysiology of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes through the failure of islet β-cells to secrete sufficient quantities of insulin to regulate blood glucose.The definitive measure of β-cell quality in an islet is the measurement […]

Omnicoll fraction collector for isolation of allelopathic chemicals from crude extracts

Isolation, purification and characterization of allelopathic compounds

Isolation and characterization of allelopathic compounds by column chromatography and fraction collector OMNICOLL Isolation, structural elucidation and chemical synthesis of allelopathic compounds from plants, fungi, and other microorganisms are a very labor-exhausting and time-consuming studies. However, the identification of highly potent biological structures (used as natural herbicides, medicaments, antioxidants, etc.) is worth the time and […]