Liquid flow and tubing diameter

FAQ: Liquid flow and tubing diameter

Frequently asked questions about liquid flow, top flow rate handled by fraction collector and fractionation tubing diameter.

Liquid flow rate

What is the top flow rate that the fraction collector unit can handle?

OMNICOLL Fraction Collector and Sampler is a flexible system and it adapts to your desired application. It is not limited by the feed rate and the number of samples being collected.

Because, the feed flow rate depends on the pressure difference and the diameter of the tubing used. You can choose the tubing and diameter as per your requirement.

Fractionation tubing diameter

What is the liquid line tubing material?

We offer PTFE tubing with the OMNICOLL. But usually, the tubing can be changed (type and also the diameter) which is suitable for your experiments.


What is the opening diameter of the fraction collector OMNICOLL?

The opening diameter of OMNICOLL is 2 mm (we provide Teflon tubing with 1.7 mm outer diameter to fit inside the tubing guide). You could also fix any tubing diameter onto the tubing guide using a suitable spiral wrap or use a heat contractible tubing. Other adaptations are, of course, also possible.


Is it possible to use 6mm tubing (internal diameter) as we are working with viscous substances?

It is not necessary to pass your 6mm tubing with the viscous organic particles through the stainless steel tubing guide (cannula which guides the tubing into the test tube for collecting sample). You could fix your tubing to the tubing guide externally with the help of spiral wraps or adhesive tape or heat contractible tubing could be used.


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